Killzone: Mercenary multiplayer modes detailed

A few games have tried to tackle the full-fledged FPS on Vita, to varying degrees of success. Next it's Guerilla's turn with Killzone: Mercenary, and the developer has outlined the multiplayer modes we can expect when the game launches later this year.

The official site (via PSU) spills the details. The modes come in three flavors. Mercenary Warfare and Guerilla Warfare are, as you might expect, the basic individual free-for-all and team-based deathmatch modes, respectively. Warzone is an objective-based match type, in which two teams take on five different missions, each with their own goals and strategies at play.

You'll be playing these match types across six maps at launch: Shoreline, Marketplace, Zenith, Refinery, Skyline, and Inlet. You can check out the maps page for more detail, just in case you want to plan out your strategy way in advance. The game isn't due until September 10.