Flying Hamster HD shoots onto Vita on June 11

Flying Hamster will be available again for PS Vita owners next week. Why do we say again? Because the original PS Minis release actually works on Sony's latest handheld. But if the thought of playing a 272p resolution game on that OLED screen gives you nightmares, don't worry! The Game Atelier has updated the game for Vita.

Flying Hamster HD bumps up the game resolution to take full advantage of all 522,240 pixels on the Vita. In addition, the HD version adds support for trophies, online leaderboards, and adds four control modes (including motion sensor, front touch screen, rear touch pad).

A trial version will be made available for those want to give it a spin. But, in addition to the increased resolution, the HD version of Flying Hamster has an increased price as well. The full version will be available for $3.99--twice the cost of the Minis version.