Doodle Jump bounces to Kinect this summer

One of the most copied mobile games ever is getting a bizarre Kinect adaptation. Doodle Jump will be available on Xbox Live Arcade this summer for 400 Microsoft Points ($5).

This new version developed by Smoking Gun Interactive has players moving their bodies to control the Doodler left and right. You'll be able to blast nose balls with arm gestures, and fly by flapping your arms. You will look so stupid.

"We've brought the Doodler onto new platforms before, but never like this," Lima Sky co-founder Igor Pusenjak said in a press release. "The unparalleled freedom afforded by Kinect for Xbox 360 allows us to explore new gameplay experiences we never even imagined were possible when we first developed the original Doodle Jump."

In addition to silly new motion controls, the Kinect version of Doodle Jump will also add three brand new worlds, new bosses, and achievements.