Mighty Switch Force 2 blazes onto 3DS eShop June 11

WayForward-developed eShop-exclusive platformer Mighty Switch Force is getting a sequel. The aptly titled Mighty Switch Force 2 is coming to 3DS next week, and its debut trailer sees the land of Tangent City set aflame. Cyborg heroine Patricia Wagon must exchange her police badge for a fire helmet and help put the blazing infernos out, using her new water-squirting backpack. In addition to dousing fires and defeating enemies, Wagon can use the new water-spraying mechanic to solve all-new puzzles. WayForward's description promises "new puzzle types, weapons, enemies, unlocks, and a truly epic soundtrack," while retaining the block-pushing element from the first game.

Mighty Switch Force 2 will arrive on the Nintendo 3DS on June 11.