World of Warplanes beta details outlined

World of Warplanes is preparing to launch its first open beta phase. Developer Wargaming announced the impending arrival with word of exactly how the two beta phases will work, though dates are still unannounced.

A post on the official site (via Polygon) says that most of the data earned in the closed beta will be wiped before the first open beta phase, including planes, credits, gold, and achievements. You will get a new kind of currency called "Tokens" to replace your "Test Gold," though, and it will be based on how much experience you got during the closed beta.

The second beta phase will wipe the data again, and your Tokens will be converted to Credits or Premium account time. Then it will be wiped yet again after the closed beta ends. After that point the real economy will take effect, in which you can buy in-game gold and convert plane experience to "free experience" a la World of Tanks.

Testers will also be rewarded for their hard work. If you have at least 100 battles under your belt by the time the game gets its official release, you'll get an exclusive emblem and medal. If you've flown in at least 700 battles, you'll get access to up to three unique aircraft reserved just for experienced testers -- two fighters, and one ground-attack aircraft.