Double Fine's Massive Chalice passes Kickstarter goal

Turns out, people are pretty keen to see more games from Double Fine. Who knew? The Psychonauts dev's pitch for roguelike-inspired strategy RPG Massive Chalice has apparently struck a chord, passing its crowdfunding goal of $725,000 in only five days. Gosh, and it still has 23 days left to run.

The Kickstarter campaign passed its goal this morning, and continues to chug merrily upwards.

Oh, yes, Double Fine made a squillion dollars with its first Kickstarter, and it sees the model as a sustained and sustainable way of funding games.

"I don't think [crowdfunding is] limited, really. I see a big future for it," Double Fine head honcho Tim Schafer recently said. "We definitely have to treat each one like an original story. Each Kickstarter pitch is a story and I think we have a different one this time, with having a fresh-faced project leader like Brad Muir doing it. And he's doing it with a new IP that's not a sequel or an old genre like I was doing [with Double Fine Adventure]."

Pledging at least $20 will get you the finished game for PC, Mac, and Linux, both DRM-free and on Steam. Paying more gets you blah blah etc etc you know how crowdfunding video games works.