Fable Anniversary revamps first Fable for Xbox 360

Following an awfully obvious teaser trailer, Lionhead has announced that yes, it's jazzing up the original Fable for re-release on Xbox 360 this holiday season. Fable Anniversary, as it's called, boasts updated models and textures and lighting and 1080p support, along with more of the usual "remaster" sorts of things.

Fable Anniversary will boast improved controls, a new UI, a better save system, achievements, and speeds up loading times, the announcement explains. It also includes the extra content from the extended 'The Lost Chapters' edition, obviously.

It'll also boast SmartGlass support, lead designer Ted Timmins told Microsoft's Larry Hryb in a podcast, including taking screenshots and showing the map.

Here's the baffling and vague teaser trailer which mystified everyone this morning: