Documentary film to exhume Atari graveyard

If you've been following video games for long enough, you've probably heard the tale of the Atari landfill. Following the video game crash of the early 1980s, a New Mexico newspaper and the New York Times reported that truckloads of Atari hardware were dumped in a landfill. That purportedly included a few million copies of the infamously bad "E.T. The Extra Terrestrial." Now thirty years later, a film crew plans to dig it all up.

New Mexico station KRQE (via Ars Technica) reports that a documentary crew will excavate the site sometime in the next six months. The crew is being funded by the Ottawa-based marketing firm Fuel Industries.

E.T. is said to be the bulk of the scrap, as Atari could not sell the game after it tanked. Other reports have claimed the landfill could house consoles, PCs, or rare Atari prototypes. We'll finally get an answer to these questions, and at the very least be left with more than three million unsold copies of a terrible licensed game.