SWAT 'em up Door Kickers breaches alpha demo

While SWAT games and other real-time tactical affairs were popular in late Nineties and early Noughties, the joys of planning and executing assaults and rescues were largely forgotten for many years. Hey, wipe that single tear from your cheek, you silly nostalgic soul, and download the alpha demo for top-down real-time tactical SWAT 'em up Door Kickers.

Looking something like a cross between Frozen Synapse and Hotline Miami, Door Kickers has you, well, kicking doors (or picking their locks or blowing them up with breaching charges) to storm buildings and rescue hostages from naughty men. You can carefully plan simultaneous assaults, picking your entry points, dazzling assailants with flashbangs, and all that SWAT fun.

The demo is available for PC, Mac and Linux from our files section (via Blue's News).

If you take a shine to it, pre-ordering from $7.99 will get you alpha builds and a DRM-free copy of the game when it's finished. Paying more can get you a vote on features, your name in the game, and all that crowdfunding sort of jazz.

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