Tales of Symphonia Chronicles revamping RPGs for PS3

Namco Bandai's bringing vintage PlayStation 2 RPG Tales of Symphonia and its sequel Dawn of the New World to PlayStation 3 all shinied up in a double-pack named Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, the publisher announced over the weekend. If you missed the pair the first time around, or don't want to drag out your PS2 or GameCube to play them, the collection's due in "early 2014."

What exactly is so new and shiny about the PS3 exclusive isn't quite clear, with Namco Bandai simply saying the games have "crisp and colourful high definition graphics and additional content."

Namco Bandai Games Europe senior VP Olivier Comte said in the announcement, "The Tales of series, which is already very successful in Japan, has been expanding greatly in the Western market, and we believe J-RPG fans will continue being pleased with this updated HD edition of two of the most classic Tales of games."

This expansion includes the August 6 launch on PS3 of Tales of Xillia, a few newer game in the series--but still not the newest.