Dragon's Crown narrator DLC free for first month

Pre-order bonuses may be tantalising, but I'd hesitate to recommend laying down money for any game when we don't quite know whether it's actually any good. While Atlus is tempting Dragon's Crown pre-orders with an art book, it's also announced a bonus for people keen to play it but sensible enough to wait for reviews. For the first month after launch, a DLC pack with six new narrator voices from its six characters will be free to all and sundry.

Sure, the DLC will only cost $1.99 after that month, but it's the thought that counts, no? Pre-orders are sort of awful so it's nice to see a publisher thanking people who are, while perhaps not throwing money at their screen, still buying the game at full-ish price.

Developed by Odin Sphere maker Vanillaware, the beat 'em up arrives on PlayStation 3 and Vita on August 6.