Sega inks deal for 'air care' products

If you love the "clean, lightly floral, with a masculine touch scent of Mega Man" or the "popular apple-cinnamon scent of our Proto Man," then you will be excited to know that the company behind these gaming air fresheners may be adding Sonic the Hedgehog in the near future.

Epic Scents, which premiered its Capcom-themed Scent Blasters product line at the New York Comic Con in October, has inked a deal with Sega to "develop proprietary scents for their brands." So in addition to musky hedgehog, we could soon be smelling sweaty colonial marine (with refills required monthly), gunpowdery Soviet soldier, or even a clean steely Roman centurion.

The Mega Man and Proto man fresheners were selling for $3 or two for $5 at the convention. The company said the new 'air care' line will launch in June, which could mean a presence at E3. So you can have your favorite Sega characters hanging from your rear view mirror in the near future.

Check out the user review below.