Shadow Warrior is free on Steam

If you're not a PC gamer of advanced years, the fuss about the new Shadow Warrior may be a mystery to you. To get newcomers all jazzed up about it and, ah, motivated by an unfortunate security hole, publisher Devolver Digital is giving away 3D Realms' original 1997 FPS for free forever on Steam.

Gosh, how generous! But Devolver hadn't planned to be quite so philanthropic, it explains in a blog post. The publisher had intended to give away 50,000 free Steam keys in exchange for Facebook 'Likes' but security was a little lax so unscrupulous sorts swiped the whole lot first.

When undesirables began selling the heisted haul for cash money, Devolver pulled the rug from under their feet by setting it free forever. Go, skip on over to Steam and download it.

"Originally, the team thought we'd just make it for a limited time (as the Facebook feed clearly illustrates) but then we realized why not just let it be free forever. There were never plans to charge for this base version of the original game so why not let everyone have a go at it."

Go forth: romp around delightfully interactive environments; stab and shoot men; try not to be too weirded out by the comedy racism. Some of the questionable elements will be toned down for the upcoming reboot by Hard Reset developer Flying Wild Hog, Devolver has told us.

The free Steam version doesn't include Shadow Warrior's two expansions, but Devolver points out if you really want them you can grab Shadow Warrior Complete for $5.99 from GOG.