Wii U Sniper Elite V2 missing multiplayer, DLC

Sniper Elite V2 received a Wii U port last week, complete with a few new features to take advantage of the GamePad. But it didn't take long for customers to notice that something was missing -- namely, the multiplayer modes, leaderboards, and extra missions that its console cousins have had for months.

MyNintendoNews (via Eurogamer) called attention to the disparity. The features were added to the other platforms post-launch, so it appears this port is simply the basic version of the game without any of the extra frills baked-in.

505 Games confirmed that the DLC expansions and online functions are not present in the Wii U version, but declined to explain why. An update adding the features could still happen, at least conceivably, but probably best not to get your hopes up.