Real Boxing biffing Vita in August

Sure, you can punch men in the face in loads of Vita games, but they're not real, are they? No, you want real face-punching, and luckily Real Boxing is coming to the handheld via PlayStation Network this August. This is the real deal: authentic, realistic boxing, with stamina bars and health bars and a wide selection of tattoos. The Unreal Engine 3-powered punch 'em up boasts of real-time deformation as faces are whacked, adding a nasty edge to the motion-captured animation. That's probably the 'Real' bit. You can also customise your fighter with fancy boots and haircuts and tattoos; I like to imagine real boxers really agonise over that too. "With the exception of the cardiovascular benefits or the threat of actual, physical pain, Real Boxing is exactly that - real boxing," Remi Koscielny, CEO of developer Vivid Games, said in yesterday's announcement. "We've crammed everything fans love about the sport of boxing into the Vita, making it one of the most comprehensive sports titles available for the system."

Real tattoos!