Red Orchestra 2 expandalone Rising Storm out tomorrow

Tripwire had said it would launch the Rising Storm standalone expansion for Red Orchestra 2 in May and while it cut things close, by gum it's just made it. The dev announced yesterday that it'll be out on Thursday, so do hurry if you want to pre-order and grab the discount and bonus Killing Floor characters.

Rising Storm jumps from the Eastern Front to the Far East, set across battlefields of World War II's Pacific campaign. U.S. and Japanese forces slug it out, armed with appropriate weapons including flamethrowers and, oh my, katanas you can use in a terrifying banzai charge.

It's developed, unusually, by a team of modders together with Red Orchestra creator Tripwire. It includes all RO2's multiplayer content too, so it's all you need to get in the fight.

Pre-orders on Steam are still open, offering instant unlocks of a few guns, the RO2 and RS soundtracks, and US and Japanese soldiers to play in Tripwire's co-op shooter Killing Floor. A 15% pre-order discount brings it down to $17, or you get 25% off if you already own RO2.

Here's nine minutes of narrated Rising Storm gameplay action from back in summer 2012: