SimCity's first DLC launches today for $10

Are SimCity fans ready to start spending money? EA certainly hopes so, as the company has released the first paid expansion pack for the game.

As expected, the "Amusement Park" expansion allows players to build their own theme parks. Included in the add-on are nine rides, three entry gates, and five concession stands. "Players will have to master the art of fun as they find the right way to bring in tourists Sims, make them happy and keep them in their cities longer," the announcement notes.

Maxis recommends trying the new Edgewater Bay map introduced in update 4.0 last week with the new DLC. The expansion also adds five new missions to play through and "will offer new gameplay for those players who want to master the Tourism city specialization."

So how much will this content cost? A whopping $10 on Origin. It'll be interesting to see how many fans are willing to open up their wallets after being burned by the game's rocky launch.