Wargame: Airland Battle trailer details dynamic campaign

The classic RTS campaign is a stodgy affair, with mission following mission and maybe a side-mission or two if you're lucky. R.U.S.E. developer Eugen Systems has gone a little more exciting with its next game Wargame: AirLand Battle, using a dynamic campaign where you can hit regions across the campaign map as you please, but each decision has a consequence.

The dynamic campaign lets you lead either the Soviet-y Warsaw Pact to conquer Scandinavia or NATO to stop them. Different areas of the map give bonuses when you conquer them in the real-time 3D battles, such as ports helping deployment and capital cities scoring big political points.

You'll want those political points, as they can get you support like missile strikes, special forces and even tactical nukes, and also reinforcements. As your army is persistent--leveling up as it fights, but also suffering permanent losses--reinforcements may be mighty handy.

As well as being single-player, as you'd expect, the dynamic campaign's for 1v1 multiplayer, too.

Wargame: Airland Battle is a downloadable release on PC coming next Thursday, May 30.

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