Game Dev Tycoon studio outlines future plans

Greenheart Games, developer behind the indie title Game Dev Tycoon, enjoyed a burst of publicity after its piracy protection made headlines. That has resulted in some shifting for the studio and feedback on the game, so the studio has outlined its plans for the future.

A post on the developer website reveals that the game has been greenlit on Steam, and that one of the developers (Daniel) can now transition from his full-time job into game development. Going forward, Greenheart plans to address balance issues, specifically around giving more feedback to adjust your strategy as you run into pitfalls.

It's setting a tentative window of August for the update to go live, and in the meantime will be issuing normal service updates and bug fixes. Steam keys aren't available yet, and won't be until the balance issues are fixed, but the site promises that if you buy it now they'll send Steam keys when it comes out.