Weekend Confirmed 166 - Xbox One

By Ozzie Mejia, May 24, 2013 11:00am PDT

Jeff Cannata is a man on an island (a Hawaiian one, that is), which leaves host Garnett Lee to captain the S.S. Weekend Confirmed alone. He's joined this week by his hardened crew of "Indie" Jeff Mattas, the Escapist's Andrea Rene, and Double Jump's Christian Spicer. Their destination: The fabled isle of Xbox One. The team discusses Tuesday's reveal event, what we know about the new console, and dive into the pile of unknowns and what-if's. After discussing the hardware, features, and rumors, everyone discusses reader reaction and how the Xbox One will fare against stiff competition from Sony and Nintendo. The show ends with some non-Xbox related Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 166: 5/24/2013

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  • I have both a 360 and a PS3. And, frankly, I'm sure I'll eventually end up with both an Xbox One and a PS4. Eventually. The thing is, due to various online sales and impulse buys over the years, I've accumulated a huge catalog of (from what I've heard) great games sitting on my shelf and on my hard drives that I just haven't found the time to play. So, I've decided that I'm not going to buy either of the new consoles until I've cranked through all of the games I've already got.

    So, skipping ahead a year or two, I'll present a potential scenario. In order to play the PS4 exclusives and the Xbox One exclusives, I'll end up with both consoles in my living room. Also, because games just look better on PC, I bet I'll end up with some sort of Steam box there as well. As far as gaming is concerned, the Steam box will be my platform of choice, and my consoles will be accessory. Now, if Microsoft is to believed, there will be compelling reasons to watch TV through my Xbox One. Heck, the potential of fantasy integration into NFL viewing makes me want to join a fantasy football league, AND I DON'T EVEN LIKE FOOTBALL. If they do something similar for the NHL, they can have me forever. (Yes, I'm Canadian.)

    So, MY BIG QUESTION: why will I use my PS4 aside from playing its exclusive titles? I'll be gaming mostly on my Steam box, and watching TV and playing exclusives on my Xbox One.

    If you ask me, the PS4 needs /something/ that sets it apart. Either that, or it's gonna need a lot of DAMN FINE exclusive titles.