Weekend Confirmed 166 - Xbox One

By Ozzie Mejia, May 24, 2013 11:00am PDT

Jeff Cannata is a man on an island (a Hawaiian one, that is), which leaves host Garnett Lee to captain the S.S. Weekend Confirmed alone. He's joined this week by his hardened crew of "Indie" Jeff Mattas, the Escapist's Andrea Rene, and Double Jump's Christian Spicer. Their destination: The fabled isle of Xbox One. The team discusses Tuesday's reveal event, what we know about the new console, and dive into the pile of unknowns and what-if's. After discussing the hardware, features, and rumors, everyone discusses reader reaction and how the Xbox One will fare against stiff competition from Sony and Nintendo. The show ends with some non-Xbox related Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 166: 5/24/2013

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  • I have to say, I felt a lot like like I did when I first read what was shown during the MS presentation while listening to the first part of this show. A bit amused, slightly interested, a lot of incredulity and mainly like not being the targeted audience at all.

    As a European and German specifically, the Xbone seems (so far) to be as far from interesting to me as possible. The whole TV stuff is null and void over here (few people in Germany have cable or satelite boxes, thus there is no TV HDMI input into the TV.). Kinect always on watching and listening ... Over the past 100 years there have been two German goverments that spend a lot of time spying on their people and silencing unwanted voices... And of course no games shown (at least no gameplay). Oh and infinite cloud power, sounds fancy!

    And then comes a WC that is a lot more positive than after sony's PS4 reveal (which btw I won't buy either). Where it is said that people who care about privacy are paranoid. In my opinion the claim that something bad might come out of a device that always watches people and listens to conversations and will always be connected to the internet with people being too lazy to turn it off, is far from rediculous. I'm not saying that MS will use it mainly as a surveillance device, but I doubt they'd say no if there was a way to gain money by gathering personal information and giving it to third parties. If companys are willing to pay for the data they sure as hell will do something with the data to earn money.

    And then all the praise for kinect2. From what I can tell, none of cast has used it, but still they are sure, that it'll work brilliantly. I don't know where that certainty comes from ... can't be from Kinect1. And I don't understand all the praise for Kinect voice commands. As far as I can tell, voice commands are 99% software. You could just as well use any microphone to give the voice command, the Kinect hardware has very little to do with it.

    And in the end claims that of course MS would rule the next generation because they have better software (games and services) and the bigger brand. Stuff like that sounds so very wrong when we have seen no games and the brand is weaker in Europe.

    I'm not saying I didn't enjoy the show, but to me it was a bit like listening to an alternate universe where you saw something different than I did, or just have very different priorities. I'm all for the wait and see approach (and won't buy any of the new systems at launch), but from what we've seen so far, I don't get how you can be more exited about the x1 than the ps4. Opinions huh