Ace Attorney Trilogy coming to iOS next week

After the recent delay announcement, you probably thought you'd have to wait until the dog days of summer to play the Ace Attorney HD Trilogy on your iOS device. But you just HOLD IT! right there, mister, because Capcom has doubled back on that announcement and now says the compilation is due next week instead.

A post on the Capcom Unity blog lays out the details. It will hit on May 30, and the app includes the first two cases of the first game for free. You can download the rest of the first game for $5.99, and the other two for $6.99. Or you could just spring for them all at once for $16.99, if you want to save a few fins. It's a bit pricey by iPhone standards, but then again, each of the three games came out for more than that in their day on the DS.

As previously reported, the collection includes Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Justice for All, and Trials and Tribulations. Each of them have gotten an HD revamp, and the game has added touch and swipe controls and social features.