SimCity 4.0 update offers 'launch park,' new region

Oh, video games. They grow up so fast. It seems like just yesterday SimCity was taking its first awkward steps at age 2.0. Before you know it, it reaches 4 and starts going out to the park and getting new features.

A post on the official forums outlines the patch, set to go live today. It includes a new "launch park" for early adopters, a new "Edgewater Bay" region that allows seven cities around a bay, current server info in the Options menu, and more detailed information when you roll over a building. It also reenables global market pricing, leaderboards, and region filters. Those changes come alongside fixes to fires, mission updates, education, the Solar Farm Great Work, and more.

Next week, the game will introduce the Amusement Park DLC, offering extra cash for bringing tourists into your city. No word has been given on a price.