Battlefield 4 producer says single-player should feel 'autonomous'

Battlefield 4 looks to continue leading the charge on Electronic Arts' FPS offerings, and producer Patrick Bach has opened up a bit about the single-player campaign. Most significantly, he talked about the desire to give players more agency instead of relying on scripted events--one of the common criticisms of the series' chief competitor, Call of Duty.

"We wanted to add more drama, more intensity," Bach told the web show FTW. "On top of that, we are not locking the player in situations where things go boom. We want to release the player and have the player be autonomous, being able to actually cope with situations themselves. You know, moving around, shooting, picking your gun, picking your tactics, much like you do in multiplayer."

DICE has previously commented that it wants to "grow up" with this game's single-player, and it's eschewed co-op to focus on the single- and multiplayer campaigns. Just yesterday we learned the game is coming on October 29, and has been confirmed for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.