Jagged Alliance: Flashback downloadable 'diorama' shows off art style

With six days left on its crowdfunding campaign, retro "reset" Jagged Alliance: Flashback has only raised 65% of its goal. Oh, how tense! To tempt, tease and excite potential backers, developer Full Control has released a downloadable "diorama" with a rotatable in-engine peek at the art style it's bringing to the turn-based tactics 'em up.

"The Jagged Alliance series have always been played out on temperate pacific islands--looking back at Back in Action and Jagged Alliance 2 from an artistic point of view--trife brown colors dominated the landscape," concept artist Jesper Andersen said. "We have been influenced by games such as Dishonored that oozed dirty, dark and filthy visuals without succumbing to photo realistic textures. With Flashback we want to combine a realistic approach with strong colors to stand out from the masses."

Check it out for yourself by downloading the scene for PC, Mac or Linux. It's not much, just a small square of terrain with men shooting each other, but it gives a taste.

Pledging at least $15 to the Kickstarter will get you a bundle of four classic Jagged Alliance games. If you want to actually receive Flashback--expected on PC, Mac and Linux in November 2014--you'll need to make that at least $25. Then more money can get you shiny extras and into the game and that usual Kickstarter stuff.

"But who is this Full Control and why do they deserve my money?" you may demand, furiously pounding a desk or other table-like item of furniture with your clenched fist. Well, it's a Danish studio responsible for Frontline Tactics and also the upcoming Space Hulk.