Weekend Confirmed 165 - Metro: Last Light, Fuse

By Ozzie Mejia, May 17, 2013 11:00am PDT

This week, it's a special five-person edition of Weekend Confirmed! Hosts Garnett Lee and Jeff Cannata welcome in Shacknews' Andrew Yoon, Insomniac's James Stevenson, and Volition's Steve Jaros to discuss the Precursor Games Kickstarter and continue the look back at the previous generation by examining some of its most important games. Talk then turns to the Gran Turismo 6 announcement before adding some dream ideas for EA's future Star Wars titles. The show wraps up with some love for Metro: Last Light and a new round of finishing moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 165: 5/17/2013

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    Whatcha Been Playin Part 2 - 01:03:13 - 01:31:24

    Segment 4/Finishing Moves - 01:32:18 - 02:11:05

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  • I really enjoyed the segment on used games killing the industry. This is something I feel very strongly about ever since the rumors of used games being not allowed on next gen have been surfacing.

    I am 30 years old, have a good job and live comfortably. I STILL am very cautious about which games I purchase because gaming is such an expensive hobby. In all honesty, I absolutely love GameStop (and the local media trade-in store The Last Stop) because these stores allow me continue playing my favorite games without breaking the bank. I NEVER buy a game digitally if I can purchase it from a retail store. Why would I pay $60 to download a game, when I can jump in my car, get the physical copy of that game for the same price, and eventually sell it back and recoup up to 25 or 30 bucks? Until the digital downloads start making some strong cases to purchase them (like a significantly reduced price) I will always try to buy it in a store.

    Now this doesn't mean I don't support the industry that I love. I still almost always buy new. For example just from the second half of last year alone I purchased Borderlands II, COD, Dishonored, and Far Cry 3, brand new. BUT, having the ability to trade those in and get back about 80 bucks total, allowed me to purchase Bio Shock Infinite and Tomb Raider, which I purchased used because some time had passed since their release.

    To sum it up, my hobby is sustained by the used game market. I decided a while back that I will NOT purchase a system that does not allow used games to be played on it.

    Or... Microsoft and Sony can start selling new games for, say, $40 for a triple A title.... Yeah right, and the Vikings are going to win the Super Bowl next year ;)


  • Just thought I'd say, while I was ambivalent to the Xbox One announcement (need to see more games first before I get excited or write it off), I have never had so many texts or Facebook messages from people exclaiming how excited they were for a new console.

    Some of these were hardcore gamers, but a lot of them weren't. They'd buy a few games here or there, Sports and shooters mostly, some have tastes a little more varied than that. But across the whole spectrum, they LOVED the whole syncing up the living room.

    The ability freely and easily multitask through their multimedia via one unit was as exciting to them as the announcement of Half-Life 3 would be to us.

    Well done Microsoft.

  • Great show. Two things:

    Smash has been cancelled and deservedly so. Way too many soap opera level storylines that took away from the fun premise of the show. Some truly bad acting from Katherine McPhee and Jeremy Jordon (I'm not even going to mention the kid that played Leo, but oof). And Tom is the most actively unlikeable character on the show. The best parts were the music, Derrick and that they managed to make Ivy not only likeable this season but the most likeable character on the show. Unfortunately that's not enough to make up for the bad writing and acting on the show. People liked it at first and it has been in steady decline.

    Second thing - Mr Yoon, you are crazy. 24 got better with each season until 5. After that the show went downhill fast to the point where I didn't even finish it. That being said, I'm gonna watch this new thing even though I think it's incredibly dumb that it's going to be called 24 and only take place over 12 episodes. While that may make the writing tighter, it goes against the entire concept of the show.

    Anyway, Weekend Confirmed has become one of my favourite podcasts behind only Bombcast and Now Playing Movie Review Podcast. Keep up the great work.