Atomic Ninjas coming to PS3, Vita this summer

Ninjas never go out of style. Indie developer Grip Games has announced its next title, Atomic Ninjas, for the PlayStation 3 and Vita. The multiplayer-focused action platformer will release this summer. The announcement promises cross-platform play and game syncing, but does not say whether the game would be cross-buy.

A post on the PlayStation.Blog calls it a combination of Fat Princess and Crash Commando. You'll be fighting against other players, but you can't damage them directly. Instead, you need to trigger environmental traps like lasers, lava pits, and falling objects. Its seven arenas aim to reward "malevolent creativity, playfulness and exploring the game's possibilities."

The game offers the general round of multiplayer modes you might expect, like Deathmatch and Capture the Flag, along with other unnamed ones that have not yet been detailed. It will also include local split-screen, online multiplayer, and single-player against bots.