Diablo 3 for PS4 uses touchpad for inventory management

Perhaps the most mysterious addition to the PlayStation 4 controller is its touchpad. Not quite a touchscreen, we're wondering how developers will utilize such a unique (and odd) addition to the DualShock.

The upcoming PS4 version of Diablo 3 will use the touchpad in some way, although Blizzard is being a bit coy about how it all actually works. "Diablo 3 has a lot of cool inventory things," lead console designer Josh Mosqueira said in a new video. "Just the possibility of the trackpad is really exciting and we can't wait to dive in and make it as awesome as we can."

"We don't like a lot of overload on the buttons; we want to keep it really simple so you can get to the things you want to get to really fast," production director John Hight added. "We think the touchpad will give us a lot more opportunity to make that interface easier."

But... HOW?! Unfortunately, that's still a big mystery. For now, enjoy watching this footage of Diablo 3 running on PS4: