Diablo 3 offering birthday boosts and sale

Happy birthday, Diablo III! You're one year old today. My, how you've grown! You do have the odd little accident now and then, and you're still not quite ready for fighting, but gosh, haven't you come a long way. And now, very kindly, you're offering bonus XP and Magic Find to everyone who celebrates with you, and $20 off for newcomers. You are a good little action-RPG, aren't you?

Everyone who plays between May 15 and 21 will find their Magic Find +EXP stats boosted by 25%, Blizzard revealed today. They stack with bonuses from other gear, and this can push your MF above the 300% cap. Happy birthday indeed.

Blizzard's also cutting the game's price by a third until May 21, down to $39.99.

Diablo III is still awfully young. Why, it hasn't even hit PlayStation 4 and PS3 yet!