Why Ace Attorney 5 is download-only in the US

How pleasant that Capcom this week announced a western release for courtroom thriller Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies, but how curious that it'll only be available via download in the 3DS eShop. It's a popular series, isn't it? Not enough to justify a retail release here too, Capcom says.

"Not every game is appropriate for both formats given the economics involved. This is similar to Darkstalkers Resurrection or RE4 HD or Okami HD being physical in Japan, but digital in the West," Capcom's Christian Svensson explained in response to fan pleas.

"Their COGS (costs of goods sold) and retail margins and reserve issues are entirely different there given the market differences. It's a sad fact, but it's still a fact."

He added, "We worked very hard to ensure a Western release on this title. If we'd said 'no, it's not coming', it would have triggered the inevitable 'please bring it to eShop, at least' cries. Instead we shortcutted that and brought it straight to eShop."

But Svensson did cryptically hint that there may be more going on with the release. "Just keep in mind we haven't shared full details yet," he said. "More details will become clear in a few weeks and hopefully the method to our madness will become more clear." Not episodic, though.

Gosh, what mysteries! Ace Attorney 5 is due on Nintendo 3DS fall.

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