How Infamous: Second Son influenced the PlayStation 4

As one of the earliest games announced for the system, Infamous: Second Son is going to be an early showpiece for the PlayStation 4's capabilities. But according to the team at Sucker Punch, that's a two-way street. Not only did the PlayStation 4 shape the game, but Sony's requests for input from its developers influenced the PS4 itself.

Producer Brian Fleming says told Game Informer that while the studio was still independent, before being picked up by Sony in 2011, it began work on Second Son. At the time the PS4 was still a nebulous concept, and Sucker Punch laid out its plans for the sequel to help Sony understand what a developer might need from the hardware.

"Mark Cerny's been a part of Sony for longer than us, but our deepest involvement with Mark was giving him our feedback on what became the PlayStation 4," Fleming said. "So he visited us a couple of times, we exchanged a number of documents. We provided lots of feedback on how much data we would think our city would be, how big the individual regions of the city would be, how quickly we would need to load them, how much texture we would have in those, why we would stream this in that way. We had some experience there that was useful for that team when they were planning some aspects of the hardware design."

Fleming also says they were "super-involved" with the DualShock 4 controller design, and one of their designers went to Japan to help test the controller and give feedback. "The opportunity to talk with the controller guys about things that we love and want to take advantage of in the new controller was a great fit for us. I think we really felt like that was a place where we could contribute."

He also notes that as much feedback as they gave, they were just one independent third-party. "The amount of meetings and feedback that we were a part of, if you multiply that by the number of studios that I think were contacted -- it was an impressive effort they put forth to solicit our feedback. And I can only imagine the same thing happened lots and lots of places."