Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies coming to 3DS eShop this Fall

Capcom has finally announced a US release of Ace Attorney 5. However, instead of giving the 3DS sequel such an easy-to-follow title, the US version will be called Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies--a title we think sounds better suited for the Layton crossover.

Dual Destinies begins like a thrilling season of 24, with the game's iconic court room destroyed. "It's down to Phoenix Wright and his team at the Wright Anything Agency to discover the cause of the destruction," Capcom describes. "Players will have to battle it out in court against Gaspen Payne, the younger brother of Winston Payne from previous Ace Attorney titles, as they defend the accused."

Dual Destinies ramps up the 3D gameplay, with players needing to change views and zoom-in on areas to uncover any hidden evidence or clues (much like in the enhanced DS release of the first game). You'll also be able to use a new "Mood Matrix" ability. Associate Attorney Athena Cykes has unique psychoanalytic powers that can"tell whether suspects are "surprised, angry, happy, or sad." It's like LA Noire--but with psychics.

In the US, it appears Dual Destinies will not be a retail release. Instead, it will be available digitally on the eShop, ensuring you won't have to pay an extraordinary mark-up when the retail printing goes out of stock.

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