Shaqfighter trademarked, our destiny nearly fulfilled

Did you know that Shacknews was originally created in 1993 to offer the latest news, tips, and tricks for Shaq Fu and (what we hoped for) its many sequels*? In 1996, we lost hope for a continuation of that franchise, and started writing about PC and console games instead**. However, it looks like we may be able to fulfill our destiny after all: exclusively covering Shaq-related fighting video games***.

A new trademark (via Gamespot) for "Shaqfighter" awarded to Shaq's managing company, Mine 'O Mine, encompasses a number of types of media, from "music, videos, television programs, movies, animated series, and other multimedia materials in the field of computer and video games."

Video games. How beautiful.

If Shaqfighter does become a game, we hope it's the AAA next-gen console and PC game that Shaq deserves--and not more ShaqDown, a mere free-to-play mobile game which released last year.

* Not true.

** Still not true.

*** Okay, this is probably true.