Defiance first DLC pack detailed, show renewed for second season

Defiance, SyFy's ambitious TV show and video game hybrid, is continuing to pick up steam. The show has been picked up for a second season, while the game's first downloadable content has been revealed, assuring that both the game and show will continue into the foreseeable future.

A post on the Defiance blog notes that the team has five DLC packs planned for this year. Each one will have a store update, along with a free and paid update so that free players can continue to play with their paying friends.

The first pack, nicknamed "Enter the Castithan," will cost $10. Paying players will get access to the new Castithan species, a new story mission, Castithan battle arenas, a few new items, a unique Raptor vehicle, and a handful of extra outfits, weapons, and pursuits. Free players can access the new weapons class, Sieges game mode, a PvP map, the ability to join friends in battle arenas, Duels, extra voices, and UI updates, among others. Finally, the store update will include new mods for your Castithan blades, lockboxes with the new Charge weapons, variations on the Raptor, and customization changes.

The blog also notes that they're working on a "TV Tie-in" patch, set to release later this month. It will include bug fixes and improvements, the Sieges mode, and (naturally) closer ties to the TV show. The show itself was Syfy's second largest premiere ever, and its current highest-rated original series.