Weekend Confirmed 164 - Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Wolfenstein

By Ozzie Mejia, May 10, 2013 11:00am PDT

The new game release cupboard is looking a bit bare to hosts Garnett Lee and Jeff Cannata. They welcome in Nikole Zivalich and Naughty Dog's Jason Paul to put the Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon discussion to bed before moving on to the new Wolfenstein announcement, Warren Spector's comments, and where the first-person shooter genre goes in the future. With the next generation around the corner, the discussion begins on the best games of the past generation. That's followed by some talk about the big Disney/EA deal for the Star Wars license. The show ends with a new round of Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 164: 5/10/2013

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  • 5 game changing games of this gen is:

    Call of Duty series (MW to WAW to BLOPS - next gen graphics at 60fps will blow this game up, cannot wait)



    Gears of War

    Red Dead Redemption (Best game of this gen, best narrative, characters, engine, graphics, atmosphere, cannot wait for the next gen edition)

    5 games trending downwards to oblivion:

    JRPG and Japanese games overall (metal gear, final fantasy, DMC, resident evil etc...) - where's the dog-lion-chicken game for PS3 for the past 8years? Epci fail - it wont even sell 1mil so why the hell they spending all this time?

    Any non-xbox controller model - PS4 fail for another controller not xbox like

    Gran Turismo epic fail vs Forza domination this gen, hope they can turn this series around was my fav ps2 era but not this gen

    move, kinect and wii fail, useless emerson of gaming

    pay for online service, gaming needs to be free, at least ps3 does one thing right, lets you play online for free but their online store sucks and oh did i mention their crossmedia bar sucks too

  • My top 5 games for this gen:

    1. Alan Wake-For me this game is just unique, and I think that’s why it appeals to me. I love that the main character is a writer. I love how the flashlight is used. I love Barry Wheeler!!!! I loved how I’d find pages describing events that hadn’t occurred yet. There’s just so much to love about Alan Wake.

    2. Lost Odyssey-What I remember most about this game is finding Kaim’s lost memories, especially the first one. I was expecting to see a cutscene, but it turned out to be a memory in the form of text- I was pissed! I called my friend and griped for a good 10mins about how we’re in this technologically advanced age, and how if I wanted to read I’d grab a book, but they decided against giving me a visually appealing memory to sit back and watch. Got off the phone, sighed, and then read what was on the screen. By the time I finished I was crying. I don’t remember the details, but I just thought it was some of the most beautiful (concise) writing I’d ever read. After that I couldn’t wait to find those memories, and it was like I had to mentally prepare myself before reading them (most of them were just so sad). When I finished the game I remember skimming the credits to find out who wrote those memories while thinking ‘I hope he/she got paid big bucks.’

    3. Heavenly Sword-To this day I still think this is one of the most visually striking games I’ve ever played. What I’ll never forget is the part at the beginning when Nariko wakes up, and she’s talking to no one in sight, asking to be sent back to where she came from. No one replies, and she screams ‘ANSWER ME!’-the facial/body animations during that scene were remarkable, and my jaw hit the floor. I knew at that early moment in the game that I was in love with it.

    4. Darksiders-As I’m writing, it’s occuring to me that one thing that makes a game stand out for me is just a memorable scene (see Heavenly Sword) that just gets me pumped for what is to come. I bought Darksiders the day it was released, only knowing one thing about it-that the character War was voiced by Liam O’ Brien (I’ll just say I’m a fan and move on). The scene that hooked me (this was early in the game) was basically when War showed up on Earth, and says ‘I answer the call!’ The entire scene was amazing, and I remember just being so thrilled and thinking ‘Oh sh!# it’s on!!!!’ Another thing I love in videogames is cool characters; Darksiders gave me plenty to enjoy, AND left me highly anxious to see the other horsemen in their own games.

    5. Split Second- The first race blew me away. I recall being in third place on the last lap, and as I’m driving down the road I look up and see an airplane. No big deal-it reminded me of the helicopters you always see passing by in Ridge Racer games, but it was huge, and close. Then I thought ‘Wait…I think it’s about to crash. OMG!!! What the hell do I do????’ Best rush of adrenaline I’ve ever had from playing ANY game EVER.

  • I think it's interesting to see how this generation changed the future of games. There have been some significant changes, especially in the last five years. So here's my top 5 games that changed the industry forever:

    1. Minecraft - It is tough to understate how monumental Minecraft is for the game industry. It has changed the way indie games are sold/developed and will eventually change how AAA games are developed by giving players earlier access to titles. It has brought the indie scene mainstream like no other game before it. Months after release, Minecraft XBLA is responsible for the 360 outselling the Wii U by more than double each month. It has proven to parents that there are video games that are not violent and can facilitate positive behaviors in their children. Minecraft resurrected directionless play and made it mainstream. It is also the most successful game on a traditional platform to never have a box copy (10 million on PC and over 6 million on 360, all digitally distributed). What Notch did with Java and OpenGL is truly impressive.

    2. League of Legends - Proved that the West is ready for good free to play models by becoming the first example of a free to play that treats the player with respect. Riot's implementation of the Scrum development methodology has been and will continue to be studied by all major publishers and the software industry at large. What Riot is doing with their approach to eSports has transformed the eSports scene into something that can be taken seriously. It would be the most important game if not for Minecraft.

    3. Angry Birds - I hate putting Angry Birds on the list. It feels like calling Solitaire or Minesweeper on old Windows PCs one of the most influential. Angry Birds showed non-gamers that their smartphones were worth playing games on. Without its massive success, it would have taken longer for games in iTunes and other app stores to have taken off. Angry Birds is another game that has helped to create a positive image of video games. Flinging birds at pigs with some funky physics is innocent fun.

    4. Wii Play - The first mainstream party game. I think it set the stage for Rock Band (which narrowly misses the list). Without it, the Wii doesn't sell nearly as well and motion control never becomes a thing. The power of Wii Play as a party game I think is the real impact to the future of gaming. My wife's 92 year old grandmother smiled the entire time while playing bowling. It was the first video game she ever played. That is powerful.

    5. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - I think people have forgotten that CoD4 was the first game to make progression in multiplayer a big deal. Now if you don't have progression in your multiplayer, you almost shouldn't bother. CoD4 made shooters accessible to people who hadn't played a game since Mario on whatever console they grew up with. It is constantly talked about by the mainstream media. Its mind share is huge. Activision somehow cranks out decent iterations of CoD yearly, and have had some of the most successful marketing campaigns of any product.

    Team Fortress 2 narrowly misses the cut, but deserves an honorable mention. What Valve has done to facilitate player creation and monetizing it is a big deal. I'm just not sure the model can expand to other titles without being dependent on a complicated platform like Steam.

  • Long time fan from back in the early 1UP YOURS days. Love the shows, always have; I stay up-to-date with the weekly releases. The past few episodes you have asked for feedback; I think the show has always been fun and informative and I never felt compelled to say anything. However, over the past few years I have noticed that the show has become sort of entrenched with the only the newest games and current releases. This is not bad, however I miss the historical context and relationships, or connections, that used to get brought up. I guess I feel like the show has lost some flavor. To qualify this I would like to bring up the discussion on ASCII on a recent episode and how there was a missed opportunity to quickly give props to the ASCII (and ANSI) games of yore that are the bedrock of the industry. I doubt you can get Jeff Green, Jeremy Parish, Chris Kohler or Shane Bettenhausen back on, but I feel that they, and others like them, bring the quirky, obsessive “collector-wiki master” that have, in the past, vocalized all of the things that we love about game culture. I really felt the void as Garnett mentioned all of the facets he enjoyed in Ready Player One contrasted to the Nikole's perspective and the lack of discussion to bridge the two. I am totally stoked Retronauts pulled off the Kickstarter; I always enjoy A Life Well Wasted and 8-4 Play, but I really love THIS show and I think it is missing something. Thanks for reading and thank you for years of entertainment.

  • There is a difference between the "defining or influential" games and "best" games of a generation. I look at "defining" games as the ones that will be talked about in the history books 30-40 years from now. For example, every video game history review that I see for 30 years going back to the 1970s and 80s mentions Pong, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Super Mario. I see those as the defining and influential games of the 70s and 80s. So, put yourself into a mindset of 30 years from now and think about the games and fanchises that will be talked about and studied as "definiing and influential". This is the same thing that happens with influential movies in history, the same movies typically come up in historical reviews.

    Top 5 influential and defining games of this generation:

    1 . Wii Sports - will be talked about 100 years from now. It introduced motion gaming and it altered the controller and game strategies for Microsoft and Sony, ie the Kinect and Sony wand controllers.

    2. Call of Duty 4 - This changed the shooter genre and defined a muti-billion dollar franchise. The Call of Duty franchise will be talked about in the history books forever.

    3. Guitar Here - Introduced the music gaming craze and unique controllers and paved a new path for party gaming. Dance Party and other dance games were influenced by Guitar Hero.

    note: number 4 and 5 get more fuzzy, and only time will tell:

    4. Minecraft and the indie game movement - Some could argue that Angry Birds was more influential than minecraft, however, Minecraft beats it for the number of hours and also the huge influence it is having on xbox 360. Minecraft will be remembered as a game that proved a low budget and low graphics independent game can sell well and have a lot of influence.

    5. Skyrim/Oblivion - Only time will tell on this one and it is controversial pick. However, I see the Elder Scroll series as having a long influence in the future for RPG games.

  • Regarding most influential this gen, of course, there's always
    1-Wii Play
    2- COD4: MW
    3- Angry Birds (does mobile account as this gen?!) - it showed how massive touch games are
    4- Geometry Wars (and later Braid) - DLC/indie market
    5 - Gears of War - as much as I hate it, but it's the first true game showcasing the visual fidelity of this gen on consoles, and of course, the whack-a-mole cover shooting

    And further down the line, to me there are a bunch of games that they don't often come to mind as the most influential this generation, but since their coming out, they have changed any other title to a degree
    *Uncharted 2 - first game proving that great performance capture/animation of characters can raise a completely flawed and broken gameplay to a GOTY caliber title (The game's shooting is a joke, the traversal is dodgy at best with that shitty PS controller, and the story is "meh" at best)
    *Mirror's Edge - yeah, the game is flawed to a lesser degree (commercially and critically) but before that title, no one gave a damn about "traversal" in FPS. It's now in everything! (Even COD gave in and is finally having it)
    *Assasin's Creed - Everything I said about Mirror's Edge, but in 3rd-person-open-world-you-can-climb-anything-fluidly
    *Dark Souls/Demon's Soul - I have yet to play it, but you have no idea with how many people in studios I have worked at, I had deep discussions about this game. Also the definition of successful "perma-death"

    My top 5:
    1- Stalker
    2- Half Life2 - Ep3
    3- COD4: MW
    4- Arkham City
    5- Prince of Persia : Forgotten Sands

  • Yo! I've luv'd the show for many years in all of Garnett's iterations but I jus signed up cuz that track in the middle of the segments is Xtra fresh. I'm wonder'n if that is original FF track or a Del Rio joint on that "Crave You" mix. I just went to DR's site for 1st time and I'm in love but I'm esp. after that Flight Facilities grove. Any help? Much Luv to the show as it goes without say'n that I respect the conversation and esp. love the dolce tones of G Lee and the gang but this track really got me movin today and I must know more. Help plz.

  • Here's a link to Candy box if anyone's interested: http://candies.aniwey.net/

    I found it kind of entertaining for a while, but it's totally true that "you get rewarded just for showing up." It's purely a game about time investment. It's really a lot like an MMO when you think about it like that. The more time you put into it, the more candy you get, and with how easy a lot of MMO's are, it basically equates to experience points.

    That time investment is really what kills MMO's for me now-a-days. I just don't feel that sense of accomplishment if all I'm doing is showing up and getting stuff/candy. A game like Tera gets away from that a bit by actually being challenging and having interactive combat, but it's still a lot of "i'm just slogging through this to put my time in to get to the interesting parts."

    After an hour or so in Candy box, I ended up cheating by looking through the javascript of the game and giving myself trillions of candies/lollipops, and as you'd expect whenever you cheat, it totally ruined it, but it also put the game into sharp perspective. All I was really doing was fast-forwarding the game and skipping the time investment part, so if the game held up, it still should've been fun, right? It wasn't, so does that mean that the time investment is actually what makes Candy box fun and rewarding? Or are we tricking ourselves somehow into thinking it's fun just because we put the time into it?

  • What kind of Star Wars games would everyone like to see from these studios?

    I'm not big on multiplayer shooters, but I would buy Battlefront 3. I loved the older games, but only ever played them in local co-op.

    Star Wars has zombies now. A game based on the book Death Troopers might be interesting, but far too similar to Dead Space. I'd like to see SW 1313 revived, and I think Visceral does a great job at making third-person games with some really unique and fun weapons. This is what I want from a bounty hunter game. (Also, please don't make it about any character we already know).

    As for BioWare, everyone wants a new KotoR, but TOR took the place of that (it even continues the story of Revan), and was said to be "KotoR 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8." There is already a ton of video game content about the Old Republic during the era 3,600 - 4,000 years ago. What I want to see is something new, something that has only recently been explored in Star Wars lore: I want a BioWare RPG that takes place on Tython during the Force Wars, some 700 years before the formation of the Republic.

  • Warning, non gaming related, but nerd related post incoming, so I'll make it brief.

    I just got back from seeing Star Trek Into Darkness (yay for living in Australia) and I want to share my joy with absolutely no spoilers.

    I've become a really jaded movie goer as I'm getting into my 30s and I find myself more and more disappointed by movies. I wish I could go back to my teenage self when movies like Jaws, Jurassic Park and Star Wars thrilled me. I don't turn my nose up at everything these days, just most stuff, I feel like my younger movie going mind is drowning in a sea of soulless of the remakes of TV shows, cartoons, books, board games that are bloated with CG and lacking in human drama and genuine tension. I wonder how people can celebrate bland, predictable films like Avatar.

    But wow, Star Trek took me back tonight. It was positively thrilling. I found myself gasping and jumping in my seat like a kid again. J.J. has got it nailed. I found myself right in the world, often with my breath held in suspense. Although the action barely pauses to let you catch your breath, the film is still packed with gripping drama and emotion. It's like an intricate, intense plot taking place on an out of control train at top speed that threatens to crash and explode at any moment.

    I am positively PUMPED for what JJ will do for Star Wars. This man clearly understands how to do an adventure/fantasy film.

    Go see it, you will not be disappointed.

  • Most important games of this generation. Well let me start by saying I don't think CoD is so much important as it is popular, I think halo 2 is important. So that said lets begin.

    1. Wii sports- of course it's changed the history of gaming.

    2. Geometry Wars- it brought high scores back, and pretty much created a indie games craze for 6 years now. I thought about new super Mario for a second bringing 2D gaming back, but I'm pretty sure GW had way more to do with the rebirth of old school just enjoy it games then any other this gen.

    3. Gears of War- Co-op, horde (2), yeah it brought life back into multiplayer games without gears we don't have a lot of games getting the green light for anything save ordinary death match multiplayer.

    4. LoL- A. Moba made mainstream. And B. free to play gone widely successful.

    5. Mortal Kombat 9- I honestly believe MK has changed the way single player will be done in fighters hence forth. It makes it possible to sell fighters to a entirely different market then they appeal to without that story mode.

  • 1 episode left til the big announcement!!!

    Service, service, service... You know what service decide nada! Just like the NFL being a QB driven league. You know what drives the games industry BIG software titles (respawn exclusive 10x more important then every indie game you can make), price (out the door cheap with a subsidized model), and a lead aka friends who own the console as well(This is why service doesn't matter, because no matter how good the service if your friends don't have it that service is useless.)

    In the US its not going to be close. This generation is going to decide how broke Sony is whether they need to go smaller scale. They were affraid MS would be the company that pushed them out the door, and they have talking indie developer that's all you got, hope the vita picks up the slack:(

  • First the Star Wars game I want. I want a Mario 64 style game starring Yoda as he explores/trains on daygoba (can't think of the spelling) maybe at say 600-700 years old. The ruins the forest, the darkside of the planet. That's my dream game for Star Wars.

    Now as for EA great news couldn't think of a better studio to take over Star Wars. Listen ea has proven they can make solid games with new ip. That IP doesn't/hasn't sold so make those same games with a skin swap and they're gold people will buy them. Think of how many people would buy "army of 2" if it was just "2 clone troopers". They're going to be incredibly high quality Star Wars games compared to what Star Wars games have been.