THQ's Danny Bilson working on yet another transmedia film/game project

Danny Bilson's favorite made-up word is transmedia. When he ran THQ's core game division, he wanted his company's franchises to be much more than games. He pushed for a transmedia approach to Red Faction, which resulted in the SyFy movie Red Faction Origins and the failed Armageddon game. The company later abandoned the franchise altogether.

Still, even after the collapse of THQ had Bilson unemployed, he's still a firm believer in transmedia. In fact, his next project is yet another film and game hybrid. It will be a "high-concept, micro-budget movie and connected game series, primarily [designed] for streaming, where the stories are continued across multiple media with each product supporting the other."

According to IGN, the plan is to release three "series", each comprised of several two-hour-long film episodes and several episodic game releases. Telltale's The Walking Dead is a key inspiration for the series, however Bilson says that his project will be "more interactive" and feature more varied mechanics.

Perhaps the biggest transmedia darling right now is Defiance, a Syfy-Trion Worlds collaboration that have a TV show and online shooter working in tandem. Bilson will likely want to keep eyes on the success of that project before betting it all on yet another transmedia effort.

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