Total War: Rome 2 marching September 3

Sega announced today that Total War: Rome 2 will release on September 3, 2013, on both physical and digital formats. With a release date set, pre-orders are open for business, and Sega announced some pre-order bonuses and a Collector's Edition too.

All pre-orders from participating retailers will get the game's first DLC, the Greek States Culture Pack, free on release day. It adds three more playable factions: Epirus, Athens, and Sparta. Each has its own units, buildings, missions, and win conditions. Sega teases that Sparta will be especially difficult for you glory-seekers.

Finally, a limited run (22,000) of Collector's Edition copies will be produced. It costs $154.99 through the Sega Store, as opposed to $59.95 for the standard digital edition. For that you get a leather-effect box, numbered copy of the game etched on a steelbook case, a Tabula board game (Roman Backgammon), Tesserae Dice, a "Punic Wars" deck for the Total War Cards game, canvas map, and Onager (seige catapult).

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