Will Wright's next game to be 'based in reality'

Game designer Will Wright is full of ideas, but when he boils it all down, he wants his next game to focus on three key elements: creativity, reality and community. You can expect those to be a big part of the first game from Syntertainment, a new company he should be unveiling in more detail later this year.

Wright, speaking to a group at the Game Horizon Conference in England via Skype, said that his next game should get players fully involved. "I'm interested in how we build a game about the player, around the player's life, around things that they know, places they go, people they hang out with," he said. "Rather than putting the player in some role as a famous general or an orc in a D&D world, I'd like to find out how to bring games back into your normal every day life. Hour to hour, day to day."

Connecting people to reality, but giving them a different perspective on the world is a key part of what he wants to do in making a game relevant and unique to the individual player. "Games have the opportunity to be different for each every single player. That is the most important advantage that we have in games," Wright said.

As for community, it's all about management. "Part of that is just care and feeding of the community," he said. "When they understand that you are listening, all of a sudden you can spin it from your community going bad and turning into a flame war, to them being on your side and becoming your evangelists. ... You need to find out what is frustrating to them and see how quickly you can respond to that and fix it."

The whole Q&A session lasted about 50 minutes, and if you have the time, you can watch the whole thing below. It actually begins a little before the four-minute mark.