Dragon's Dogma a surprise success, says Capcom

Capcom has shared more details on its recent fiscal year 2013 results. Though Resident Evil 6 is still cited as a disappointment and DmC: Devil May Cry is only "stable," the company noted that Dragon's Dogma became an unexpected hit.

Capcom once again cited that RE6 missed its sales projections after plateauing at 4.9 million. Despite similarly missing its sales projections, DmC was said to have "stable popularity" and "solid sales." Dragon's Dogma, on the other hand, was a million-seller. It says this is greater-than-expected success in our market, especially as original titles are "unprecedented" in recent years to reach those numbers. No wonder the company intends to make it a franchise.

The announcement also noted that a few of its mobile games steadily gained new users, and existing ones like Smurf's Village and Beeline have been stable long-term. Capcom had mentioned a focus on mobile development in its prior announcements, and this sheds light on why.