Infamous: Second Son's new protagonist detailed

Sony debuted Infamous: Second Son during its PlayStation 4 presentation. We've known it stars a new hero named Deslin Rowe, but both Sony and developer Sucker Punch has been tight-lipped since then. A few more details have now come out about Deslin's background and powers for the next-gen action-adventure.

GameInformer has the details. After the events of Infamous 2, Sucker Punch looked to user data to determine the canonical ending. They found that Cole's heroic sacrifice was the most popular, making it the proper and accepted ending.

Cole's nobility didn't create a rosier future, though. Seven years later, the government is more paranoid than ever of the remaining conduits, having branded them "bioterrorists" and formed a new Department of Unified Protection to capture and hold them without trial. Sucker Punch readily admits it's putting a pretty fine point on criticizing outrage and fear after terror attacks.

The Native American hero Deslin comes into play when he tries to save a crashed conduit transport vehicle outside Seattle. You might note it's a real city this time around. He then discovers his own latent ability to absorb the powers of other conduits. He's always been something of a rebel, but this ability gives him the means to make a real difference. His first (and so far, only revealed) power is smoke, which manifests as a dash, projectile, and smoke cloud. Like Cole, he has to refill his power by finding sources of his power -- chimneys and exploded cars, for example. GI implies that he'll find other powers as well over the course of the game.

For more details, check out the latest issue of Game Informer.