Remember Me pre-order gets Street Fighter moves

Memory hunter Nilin will be out rearranging memories in less than a month in Remember Me, but Capcom has released a few details on some of the perks players will get from pre-ordering the futuristic game set in NeoParis of 2084.

Grabbing the game from on Steam, Best Buy or Amazon will get you three pressens--moves you use to customize your combo trees. Nilin must have stolen the memory of Chun Li and other Street Fighter characters because these pre-order pressens are the Flash Kick, Spinning Bird Kick and Dragon Punch, all made famous in the SF games. You can check out the moves in the video below.

Of course, if you don't want any special abilities and prefer something more tangible, a pre-order from GameStop gets a Dark Horse comic, featuring Nilin on some early memory hunts.

Andrew wasn't too impressed with the game in his recent preview, wishing it was less of a brawler and had more memory remixing opportunities. The game comes on on June 4 for PlayStation3, Xbox 360 and PC.