'Polarized opinions' led to Mega Man X FPS cancellation

The Mega Man X shooter Maverick Hunter, previously in the works by ex-Metroid Prime developers at Armature Studio, was apparently cancelled because of differing viewpoints about the project within publisher Capcom.

"Given the lack of consensus in this thread alone, that should tell you what you needed to know. Suffice to say, there were very polarized opinions internally on this project as well." senior vice president Christian Svensson said in responding to a thread in the Capcom Unity forums from fans about why development of the reimagined game was halted (via Polygon).

The game's look was far from a traditional Mega Man game and featured armor designed by Adi Granov, the concept artist behind the Iron Man films. The game would have been the first of three following X's adventures into a final confrontation with Zero at the end of the trilogy.