Pacific Rim games coming to PC, consoles, and mobile

Pacific Rim is a blockbuster movie about big stompy robots punching giant monsters in their stupid monster faces. It includes grade-A cheese like the line, "Today we are canceling the apocalypse!" It even features the voice of GLaDOS, Ellen McLain, as a computer. The point is, it sounds so much like a video game already that of course it had to be adapted into one as well.

Legendary Pictures announced that it has signed two deals for the video game licenses. Jump Games will be handling mobile and tablet versions, as it did for recent movies like Real Steel and Total Recall. Japanese developer Yukes Company will handle the downloadable console games--which makes perfect sense given its history with, Gundam, WWE games, and the video game adaptation of Real Steel.

The announcement was bare-bones aside from that, but a NeoGAF post (via VG247) has shown off some screenshots and Xbox Live Arcade box art. The movie is due on July 11, so we presume the games would hit sometime around then.