Weekend Confirmed 163 - Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Monaco, Marvel Heroes

By Ozzie Mejia, May 03, 2013 11:00am PDT

Hosts Garnett Lee and Jeff Cannata are here to confirm your weekend and welcome in "Indie" Jeff Mattas and Shacknews' Ozzie Mejia. The show starts with some talk about Nintendo's E3 news from the last week and where the company goes from here. That's followed up with the crew sharing stories from Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine, the Marvel Heroes beta, Poker Night 2, Game Dev Tycoon, and (of course) Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. The show wraps up with a breakdown of all the latest Grand Theft Auto V news and a new round of Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 163: 5/03/2013

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  • I actually think the industry is a better place when Nintendo is doing terribly. Whenever Nintendo platforms gain power they tend to
    So to Jeff's point about Smart TVs, I'm just going to quote myself from 4/1:

    "I think ... the gaming industry's survival ... depends on the metamorphosis of Android from phone OS to a desktop platform. ...the only people who need a Core i7's processing power for instance, are professionals ... in fields like graphic design, video editing, etc. You can buy mini Android PCs right now that will do 90% of what anyone does with a desktop---word processing, email, video, and web surfing (what Jeff was talking about)---and they cost less than $100."

    So in context of Jeff's input frustrations, Sony can just extrapolate the Playstation App onto an Android PC, by creating a virtual OS for the PS4 on an Android Monitor that the PS4 hardware plugs into. Friends lists, game data, the Playstation Store all could be handled by apps on the display's own processor.

    Basically, you could access your games as widgets on the Android desktop. Then it could boot into Sony's Playstation App interface---you can watch who's live streaming gameplay on the widget, then when you want to play yourself the monitor fires up the console hardware so you can run the graphics locally.

    The PS4 actually already has an ARM processor designated towards background downloading, so this would be just another step in that direction. Incidentally the latest Snapdragon processor can also decode 4k video. So could sell such monitors as dedicated 4k movie platforms, and also use Apple's same line of marketing---say its a "Retina Display," or as people said of the iPad when it debuted, a mega giant iPod touch.

    By putting 4k in say a 30-40 inch monitor, you make the display technology more affordable, and you make the technology more discernible---because the same way an iPad screen can be more impressive/entrancing than a big screen tv, you can actually appreciate the pixel density when the screen is at a minimum viewing distance.

    Also I'll quote myself again from 4/6, Sony has already made an "external game console" of sorts for one of their Windows laptops:
    Also look at this Sony laptop, the VAIO Z, which works with an external GPU that you plug into your laptop:

    So Microsoft's strategy of trojan horsing the shit out of the Xbox hurts them because it makes it more difficult to do what the box was designed for: running games. Beyond Smart TVs making game console apps redundant, Samsung's latest flagship plasma lets you plug a harddrive into the back of the tv, and run a DVR off the display itself. So on cable cutting, vertically integrating with Comcast isn't going to solve any of these problems. Its just going to make Microsoft more money.

    Now that said, its a tough proposition to say in order to use this console, you need this special display. But Sony could very easily release the smart monitor version of the PS4 as a secondary SKU. They could put the hard drive, and perhaps even stuff like bluetooth, wifi and ethernet in the monitor, and have a slim version of the PS4 that literally just directs the graphics to the display.

    If you look at the trend for computing across the board every device you buy is more and more specialized. You're often paying more for less horsepower, but for a better crafted/organized user experience. That's why Apple succeeded in the first place with the iPod. Microsoft conceivably putting Windows on a game console is like the opposite of that.

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