Zone of the Enders sequel suspended

A new Zone of the Enders game has been put on ice, at least for the time being. Another game in Hideo Kojima's mecha action series was announced in May of last year, but Kojima says those plans were shelved after the disappointing HD Collection.

On an episode of Kojima's online radio show (translated by Kotaku), he talked about the scuttled project. He said the HD remaster didn't live up to his standards, cost the company too much time and money, and ultimately disappointed fans. He also noted that the original team didn't make the HD version, and that the HD version's quality probably frustrates them. Due to all that, the sequel has been scrapped.

"Even when people abroad see me, I'm often asked about a Zone of the Enders sequel," he said. "Right now, nothing's happening. We originally said we were going to do a sequel, but the team has been disbanded." He also noted that "because of what happened, the producer and everything were cut, too."

Kojima himself was only going to produce the new ZOE, handing the reins of writing and designing to others at the studio. He did note that he'd still like to hear from fans if they would like a new ZOE, but that's no guarantee of another game.