Mo' money, mo' options: how cash actually matters in Grand Theft Auto 5

Rather ironically, the Grand Theft Auto series has never really figured out how to let players best spend the mountains of cash they earn in the game. There was never really any need to get cash in previous GTA games, as players were rarely hard-pressed to spend it on anything.

GTA5 changes the money dynamic quite significantly, encouraging players to do whatever they can do secure some dollar bills, by introducing "insanely expensive" new items to buy.

In addition to purchasing property, you'll be able to buy "higher-end guns and vehicles," according to Polygon. Unsurprisingly, things like fighter jets will prove to be quite costly, so "you'll actually have to think about how best to spend your take."

Perhaps one of the more unique ways of getting money in GTA5 is through deep sea diving. By exploring the underwater depths of Los Santos and the surrounding areas, you may discover old cargo ships with loot, or cave systems with long-forgotten treasures. "You head down with no idea what you might find," CVG says in their preview. "Because of that, the world beneath the waves will likely prove a compelling and productive part of your time in GTA V, with the reward system an incentive to repeatedly dig out your scuba gear."

Heists will also play a large role in making--and spending--bank. These challenges require getting additional equipment and hiring additional AI squadmates to help. "Regardless what the end goal is, every aspect has to be constructed by you. That includes sourcing a crew, disguises, locations, vehicles, weapons and no doubt a ton more as you piece together the intricate nature of the criminal puzzle," VideoGamer details.

As a player, you will have to question how much you're willing to pay to get the job done. Obviously, the higher the risk, the higher the return. "More skilled squaddies will cost more, but limit the amount of risk you're liable to face if a heist goes bad," Polygon says.