Grand Theft Auto 5's three characters have unique powers and abilities

They may not have the same crazy superpowers of the Saints Row gang, but GTA5's trio of heroes do have their own unique abilities. Repo man Franklin, for example, is the best driver of the bunch, and can also slow down time while driving. Michael, on the other hand, can channel his inner Max Payne, and dodge bullets--in slow-mo, of course. Finally, Trevor has a "crazy rage mode" that allows him to brawl to his heart's content.

Like in the PS2-era San Andreas, characters will be able to improve their skills through use. However, it's not as "obnoxious" as in that game, IGN says. "Each character is judged based on a series of nine statistics--Stamina, Shooting, Strength, Stealth, Flying, Driving, Mechanic, Lung Capacity, and Special--and each statistic is built-up specifically by doing the action given. Drive around a lot, and you'll become a better driver. Swim the depths of the bodies of water around you, and you'll become a more adept swimmer."

That means, based on your style of play, you'll be able to make one one character leapfrog another in their ability. For example, while Michael may be the best shooter in the bunch, you can enhance both Franklin and Trevor's shooting ability "if you're dedicated enough," Polygon points out.

Grand Theft Auto 5 will be available on PS3 and Xbox 360 this September.