Grid 2 trailer shows off dynamic tracks

I don't race often, but when I do I race illegally on the streets as the streams of children, pensioners and ducklings crossing the road mean we have a new course every time as we dodge the hazards (ten-second penalty for each one hit). Inspired, probably, by my antics, Grid 2 has a mode which randomly opens up and blocks off parts of tracks to keep things new and exciting without risking bloodshed, as shown off in a new trailer.

The 'LiveRoutes' events randomly select a path through the circuit's many possible routes, opening and blocking junctions as appropriate. They're available on the Paris, Chicago, Miami, Barcelona and Dubai tracks, offering "millions of route possibilities" according to Codemasters.

Senior executive producer Clive Moody added, "In a LiveRoutes event, you don't know what's coming next and it turns each race into a test of your racecraft, car handling and reactions on circuits that cannot be learnt. In both career mode and online, LiveRoutes offers near limitless possibilities in every race and it's a great leveler, even for the most experienced racing game players."

Grid 2 races onto PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on May 28.

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