Gears of War movie gets Battleship, Ted producer

The Gears of War movie adaptation has a new friend in Hollywood. Producer Scott Stuber (Battleship, Ted) has signed on to produce, and will reportedly be developing a script alongside Epic Games. Stuber has given Universal a first look deal, and both Stuber and Universal will be shopping the movie to studios.

Variety reports that the movie is still in its infancy, lacking a writer or any of its actors. Universal could also turn down the movie, which would leave it without a distributor. But Stuber has a track record for large releases, so it's a step in the right direction.

Two years ago, the project was scaled back and seemed in limbo until late last year. As of October, the Creative Artists Agency was meeting with producers for the project. That must have paid off, because the movie appears to have found its producer and is on-track again. Still, it still may be quite a while before we see the results.