Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon inspired by campy modern movies

Far Cr 3: Blood Dragon is very clearly cribbing a lot of its influence from 1980s action and sci-fi flicks, but one cinematic inspiration is much less clear: modern-day pulp action and horror. According to creative lead Dean Evans, a bolt of inspiration struck when he realized he wanted to replicate the feeling of films that are only five years old.

Polygon reports that after watching filmmaker Jason Eisener's short Treevenge in 2008, Evans became a fan. He went to watch a follow-up from the director, titled Hobo with a Shotgun, in 2011. The band Powerglove blared during a florescent-soaked action sequence, marked by police in riot gear called "The Plague."

"I had goosebumps," Evans said. "Then when those guys turned up and the doors of the hospital opened, and those immortal, demonic bounty hunters walked through, and that pulsing analogue synth kicked in, I thought: this must be a video game. This feels like what a shooter should feel like. And the song was by Powerglove. I immediately wanted this for a game. And so I called Jason."

Eisener subsequently set Evans up with Powerglove, and the two traded mutual interests in the over-the-top style that would define Blood Dragon. Evans said he used Hobo as a reference during production, and even had Powerglove finish tracks in the game's infancy so that he could play them for the team.

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